Goku is the most powerful token in the Solana universe. His Ki strength is unmatched. Thanks to the Genkidama, he will destroy all his competition. Remember this when you are going to buy Goku: Goku always wins.

Goku is the most powerful memecoin on the Solana chain. It is a memecoin based on the animated series Dragon Ball and will have its own PvP video game.

CA: 2zhPmLBug3b4NcGPPTZXdJ8AsNBePH4fX85Mu351DpCm





Phase 1
- Creating our first website
- Creating community
- Creating Presale at Pinksale
- Presale Marketing
- Launch
- Dexscreener Trending
- Dexview Trending
- Sol Trending
- Avedex Trending
- Big marketing post launch
Phase 2
- Go viral with important Twitter (X) influencers.
- More than 40 telegram callers
- Listing on CMC
- Listing on CG
- Dextools Trending
- Exclusive NFT Collection
Phase 3
- Partnership and collabs with others token devs
- Videogame p2p
- Stake/Swap/Wallet
- Youtube marketing
- More Telegram Marketing
- Discord Marketing
- Tik Tok marketing
- Rebranding website

How to buy

Create A Sol Wallet

Create a new Sol Wallet with Phantom.
Click here to create your new wallet

Get Some Sol

Buy some SOL at en exchange (for example: Binance or Kucoin...), and send your Sol ro your Phantom Wallet Address.

Buy at Pinksale

Now, connect your wallet to Pinksale and buy your tokens at presale.

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